Chittaranjan Park Bangiya Samaj (Regd.)

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 All residents of Chittaranjan Park (the then E.P.D.P. Colony) assembled together on the evening of December 25, 1970 at I-1631, the residence of Sudhir Banerjee and decided to form a social and cultural organization under the banner of “Kalkaji Bangiya Samaj” with Fonindra Nath Sanyal as founder President, Santi Mazunder as founder Secretary and Nirmal Chandra Dasgupta as founder Treasurer. All the other residents present in the meeting were founder members of the organisation. On the occasion Mrs. Hashi Banerjee served tea and snacks to members present.  Three Member Committee was formed to frame the Constitution of Kalkaji Bangiya Samaj i.e. Memorandum of Association and its Rules and Regulations of the Samaj under the Chairmanship of R C Sarma Sarkar, with P. N. Bhattacharya,  Subrota Sen and Mano Ranjan Bhowmick as members. Subsequently, Kalkaji Bangiya Samaj was registered under the Society Act on February 21, 1971.

The resident of Mrs and Mr Banerjee was always open for the Samaj to hold meetings and other activities. In all there were 90 members enrolled during the period. At the time of crisis at Bangladesh and Assam due to devastating floods, the Samaj members with their family took out procession in the colony and adjoining colonies to raised funds, foods, cloths and medicines for the refugees.  All materials including cash was handed over to the Rankrishna Mission for the purpose.

April 1972 – March 1973:

Second year of the Samaj was managed by the able guidance of Dr Subir Dutta Roy as   President, Late Mano Ranjan Bhowmick as Secretary, and Late Nirmal Chandra Dasgupta as Treasurer. Samaj’s opening balance of Rs.805.74 and it closed the year with a balance of Rs.9741.99.  There were 170 members, showing an increase of about 80 members during the year. Subcription from the members was the main source of income of the Samaj. Thirteen meetings of the Executive Committee were held during the year, besides different sub-committees held their meetings from time to time.

A house for the Samaj was rented at ‘H-1531’ in collaboration with Shyama Prasad Vidyalaya in May 1972 at a share rent off Rs.210/- per month to meet the growing needs of the Library, limited indoor games and other social activities of the Samaj.

To begin with the Samaj Library, initially there were about 600 books which were registered. Good amount of money was spent towards purchase of 235 new books and. 95 Books received from Karolbagh Bangiys Sansad and 270 books received from individual members and well wishers of the colony as donation.  In August 1972 an open air cinema “Dhanni Maya” was organized in the colony and in September 1972 two cinema shows “Fariyad” and “Aparna” were screened at Sapna Theater in aid of Samaj Library.

In January,1973 Mano Ranjan Bhowmik offered accommodation for the Samaj Library at his resident I-1752. Well organised Samaj Library was inaugurated by Dr Triguna Sen, the then Union Minister of Education. Shri Shanti Ranjan Banerjee (the then Chief Librarian, ICAR) took great pain and interest in cataloging the books and development of Library. Ladies of the colony volunteered their services in running the Library for three days in a week.

Samaj organized regularly literary sessions and an essay competition in Bengali open to youth up to 20 years of age and Short Story competitions in Bengali open to all age groups.

Beside Naba Barsha, Rabindra Jayanti, Bijaya Sammelani Samaj staged three dramas during Durga Puja festival – one by the children “Jhala Pala”, one by the ladies “Uddhar” and “Kanchan Janga” by other members of the Samaj. Samaj also participated in the one-act play competition organized by the Bengali Club, Kalibari at AIFACS hall.

Annual Mela, January 1973 – Three-day Mela “Paush Mela” was organized in the colony from 12th to 14th January 1973 in the Zonal Park between H and I Block. Since then the Zonal Park is known as Mela Ground. Dr. Subir Dutta Roy and Shri Subrata Sen were the Chairman and Secretary respectively The first Paush Mela was inaugurated by Shri Sashi Bhushan, the then M.P. About 5000 visitors from different parts and distance parts of Delhi visited the Mela. Samaj Stall and Games Stall were efficiently managed by lady members of the colony. The Samaj Stall with lovely Bengali specialties like Pitha, Pulee, Patee-Sapta, Sona Mugg Dal, Chalta, etc. were a big attraction to the visitors coming from distance of Delhi. There were 18 stalls inside the well lit pandal, The Merry Go Round, Animal rides added to the festivity and gaiety. The daily evening programmes with magic shows, physical skill shows, dramas and variety dance programmes produced and performed by the members of the Samaj and different groups of Delhi were also invited to perform. The Mela comes to close in the midst of thundering applauses with the announcement of Lucky Draw prizes by Shri Sethi, the local Councilor was an added attraction to the people.

Kalkaji Bangiya Samaj organized its first Saraswati Puja in the Samaj Library at I-1752 during February 1973. It was beautifully decorated and organized by the lady members of the Samaj. Prashad and Bhog were also distributed to all presents.

During March 1973, Dol Utsav was celebrated in the colony with a ‘Nagar Parikrama’ in the morning followed by variety performances and Pala Kirtan in the evening.

Members felt an urgent need for a permanent house for the Samaj, for which one of the plots earmarked for the community centres, was to be acquired from the Government authority. Keeping in view the above, a Development Fund was created for the Samaj Building out of surplus funds received from First Paush Mela and subsequently it was decided to organize Paush Mela every year in aid of Samaj Building.